Turnstile Gates

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Security turnstiles are a crowd control solution that manages the number of people in and out of designated areas.
There are many types of turnstiles available, each with a different capability level

Turnstiles are a pedestrian access blocking device (access control management equipment), which is mainly used to control and manage the pedestrian flow and regulate pedestrian access.

The most basic and core function of a turnstile is to pass only one person at a time, which can be used at the entrance passage. Adding turnstile gates to your security checklist is an intelligent way to keep your resources, assets, and people safe all the times.

They are better than conventional security measures and can be customised accordingly

Types of Turnstile Gates


Full Height

Half Height

Tripod Turnstiles – This is a half-height turnstile with three revolving arms that rotate vertically to allow one person to pass at a time. It is reliably strong, secure, and can be configured with access control devices according to the security requirements of the facility. Tripod turnstile cans also be called a waist high turnstile, due to its height that comes up to the waist of the user

Full Height Turnstiles – This is a large turnstile with multiple rotating barriers. It is low-maintenance, convenient to use and designed for facilities where maximum security is required. It offers both one-way & bi-directional passage and can easily be integrated with industry-leading access control systems

Half Height Turnstiles – These turnstiles can be configured as bi-directional or single direction only like the full height turnstiles. They are available with straight arms as standard or optional trombone arm. Our turnstile range is available in single or double according to your requirements. Options also extend to varying height configuration tailored to suit your needs

These turnstiles are available
as single or double
configurations and also
come in a choice of models

All of our turnstile models
come in a range of RAL
colours to suit your specific