Sectional Overhead Doors

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Sectional overhead doors can be as standard or as bespoke and as your design and budget allows

There are many different design options to suit your specific needs including glazing types, wicket doors,
fixing options, colours etc. They open vertically which makes them the ideal space saving solution for industrial and commercial spaces with the added benefit of insulation

Sectional doors are a highly versatile industrial door consisting of horizontal hinged sections or leaves that enable the door to be wound up a curved track onto the inside of the roof during opening. The key element of its versatility is that it takes up minimal head room inside the building whilst leaving the opening aperture unencumbered by the door, sill or locking mechanism, making them ideal for applications such as warehouse loading bays, retail units and industrial buildings

Types of Sectional Overhead Doors

Standard Lift

High Lift

Low Headroom
Lift Track

Vertical Lift

Standard Lift Track – This door style is the standard sectional door type and generally have four or five horizontal panels joined together with hinges. This means that when the door opens and closes, it can bend and follow a curved path that is primarily vertical

High Lift Track – This type of sectional door has tracks, a door, and an opener, however they lift closer to the ceiling than a traditional system, leaving more headroom

Low Headroom Lift Track – These doors are appropriate for high-traffic situations while meeting the low headroom/low clearance requirements. This type of door is prefect for car parks and other commercial structures

Vertical Lift Track – Full vertical lift is a type sectional door where the tracks are set up to allow the sectional door to ride up the wall vertically without the use of horizontal tracks

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