Roller Shutter Doors

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Roller Shutter Doors are a vital asset in providing security, protection, and functionality

Our Roller Shutter Doors are manufactured at Entry Group headquarters, built to comply with BS-EN
13241. We can manufacture a huge range of sizes and colours

Our in-depth industrial and commercial door experience, product knowledge, and ability to tackle complex site challenges can help companies create safer workplaces for their staff and customers

We are committed to giving you the best service and solutions. Buying British made industrial doors from Entry Group gives you a long term cost advantage, as well as service and maintenance support and immediate availability of parts

Types of Roller Shutter Doors

Tube Operated
Roller Shutter Doors

Chain Drive
Roller Shutter Doors

Direct Drive
Roller Shutter Doors

Manual Hand Chain
Roller Shutter Doors

Tube Operated – Tube motor roller shutters work by rolling or sliding up and down a set of tracks which are set on either side of the door curtain. These are sometimes often known as guide channels

Chain Drive – Manual chain operated roller shutters are used when there is no power available on site. This is ideal for remote locations or agricultural applications

Direct Drive – Direct drive roller shutters requires no drive chain and no barrel tensioning, meaning installation is much easier. Added to this, Entry Group’s technical team have documented the product completely so it is compliant to all current conformity and safety regulations

Manual Hand Chain – Manual chain operated roller shutters are used when there is no power available on site. It’s one of the most versatile type of roller shutter door made by Entry Group

Steel roller shutter door
manufactured, installed
and maintained by Entry

A roller shutter door to protect the installation of a new shop front