Overview of Services

At Entry Group, we pride ourselves on providing you with an outstanding personal service. Our team of fully qualified engineers has the passion and the drive to ensure all our projects are managed and completed to a high standard and in a timely fashion. We carry out installations, repairs and planned maintenance with the least disruption to your business as possible. Entry Group are one of the South West’s fastest growing contractors for industrial doors, gates, loading bay equipment, traffic barriers, access control, automatic doors, steel doors and shop fronts.

Traffic Barriers

Traffic barriers offer great security to block off unauthorised personnel from accessing a certain area or site. They’re commonly seen in car parks and business sites as an added security measure and method of control. Car park traffic barriers are solely designed for the purpose of controlling the flow of incoming and outgoing traffic within the car park, and as point of security during closed hours in order to prevent unwarranted access.  Road bollards provide an important contribution to road safety, both towards pedestrians and traffic. It’s a method of accident prevention and a way of displaying clear signs of traffic control; they’re crucial to a safe and secure environment where public access is frequent throughout the day. Our road bollards are sturdy and weather resistant and require very little maintenance; however, should they need attending, this is something we can also carry out as quickly as possible using our 24 hour service.

Automatic Doors

Automatic doors are commonly used for shops and high street businesses and could be seen as crucial when it comes to owning a public property. Not only do automatic doors provide extra security with their heavyweight glass, they can also add a professional touch to your building, making it more appealing to the customer.

Access Control

At Entry Group we look to ensure and meet your requirements as best we can with the aim of achieving the most viable solution. Access control systems are an absolute must have within the business industry in order to maintain a high level of office and site security to unauthorised personnel.  Access control systems we offer include: intercom systems, keypad entry systems, GSM entry systems, card/fob entry systems.

Steel Doors

Installing steel doors has many benefits, most notably offering high level security and reinforcement that ordinary wooden doors wouldn’t sufficiently provide. Steel doors we offer include: single steel doors, double steel doors, fire exit steel doors and high security steel doors. Fire exits are a must have for every stable building and without one comes the risk of a health and safety hazard. Steel doors are used as fire exits due to their heavy duty form and sustainability.

Industrial Doors

Entry Group is based in Plymouth, and we operate all throughout the South West. We specialise in industrial doors and offer installation, repair and maintenance services for all of our products. Industrial door products we offer include: roller shutter doors, sectional doors, high speed doors, fire roller doors and insulated roller shutter doors. We look to provide you with the highest of quality, at Entry Group, ensuring protection and assurance for your property/business. There isn’t a job we won’t tackle; whether it’s as simple as keeping the rain away to avoid damage, or preventing vandalism, we value ourselves on our commitment and ethics.


Here at Entry Group, we specialise in gates and offer installation, repair and maintenance services for all of our products. The gates we offer include swing gates and sliding gates and they can be further broken down into single leaf, double leaf, and tracked or cantilever respectively. All of our gates adhere to the gate safety standards and legislation as set out in the standard BSBN1324-1, which incorporates the practise of gate force testing to ensure the manufactured quality is up to a more than acceptable standard. These standards have been endorsed by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Loading Bay Equipment

Loading bay equipment covers a range of areas and incorporates a wide variety of different safety equipment for your loading bay area. These include dock bumpers, dock seals, wheel guides and more.

Shop Fronts

Shop front security is a must have for businesses with data or massive expenses behind their doors. It is crucial there is a security blanket in place, to help avoid vandalism, burglary and data theft.

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Overview of Services
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