Planned Maintenance

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Did you know it is law to have your products maintained?

Entry Group can provide you with a tailored maintenance package, which offers many benefits, on which is
an extended 24 month warranty on all newly installed products.

Entry Group are full accredited members of the Door & Hardware Federation (DHF) who provide us with guidance and current legislation on the safety of Industrial Doors, Traffic Barriers and Automatic Gates.

A full maintenance package is going to increase the life, value, and performance of your products.

We offer various maintenance packages, 12/24/36 month or auto-renewal with the option of a 3/6/12 monthly visit, this can also be variable depending on your needs. We will provide all your products with an asset number and manage this on our in-house system.

How it works

Engineers carry out full
condition & compliance inspections

Entry Group manage all
assets by using barcoding management

Full condition reports
of your assets will
be sent

Entry Group are also members of the Automatic Door Suppliers Association (ADSA). ADSA exists to promote the highest standards in automatic doors and to helps us obtain the best solutions in developing the industry code of practice.

With all maintenances we will book your service inspection within a few weeks’ window of it being due. Once complete, you will be provided with comprehensive service reports & compliance certification for all products. These will clearly state the current condition of the product/s, outlining any compliance issues & remedial works required.

For our contracted clients we offer a 24-hour emergency service with a guaranteed response time of 4 hours. We can tailor a maintenance package specific to your needs.

Successful Automatic Door
maintenance completed and
asset tagged along with a
compliance report sent to our

We carry out service
inspections on all assets
from Industrial Door, Gates,
Access Control, Automatic
Doors, Traffic Barriers and
Dock Loading Bays.