High Speed Doors

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Entry Group can provide a range of fabric High Speed Door solutions to suit many environments. Our High Speed Doors can be installed in warehouses, factories and many more industries

High Speed Doors are fast acting and are trusted by hundreds of time critical businesses throughout the UK. They are mainly used in distribution and warehouses, where they are in constant use

Entry Group have proven experience in installing high speed doors and can offer a wide range of designs, applications, and finishes

Types of High Speed Doors

Self Repairing
High Speed Door

B Drive High Speed Door (Exposed Locations)

Food Industry High
Speed Doors

Dynamic Roll – Self Repairing High Speed Door
This door system is designed for high speed opening operations, whilst combining the added benefit to self repair in the event of impact which can significantly reduce repair costs

B Drive Push & Pull High Speed Door
A fast action door that is suitable for the most extreme environment, using push & pull technology with the use of counterbalance weights that ensure the door operates in any climate

Food Industry High Speed Door
Stainless steel in design makes it the perfect door for food and manufacturing environments, due to the reduced metal corrosion levels. They are also compact in design and create a tight seal to prevent the spread of vermin

Dynamic roll self repair
High Speed Door complete
with vision windows

A recent installation by our
engineers. The client also
requested to have their
logo printed on the door giving great overall branding