Access Control

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Access Control is fundamental for security of your premises or property. The varieties of access control are endless and can be either
standardised or very bespoke depending on your requirements

We are approved Paxton Systems installers, but we are also conversant with other brands

There are 2 main types of access control.

Stand Alone – This is a hard wired system that is not connected or shared to a network. For example, an intercom system on the entrance of a block of flats. One of the benefits of using a standalone system (if this suits your needs) is that it saves the hassle of replacing or deactivating any lost fobs or key cards. They are also easy to install and in the event of damage can be repaired quickly to limit disruption

Networked – is connected to a network that can be accessed anywhere in the world. For example, fob readers can be controlled remotely allowing certain users access to specific areas of a building. It can be completely tailored to your needs. In the event a fob or key card being lost they can be deactivated to prevent unauthorised access and retain security. We can offer a huge variety of access control systems to suit your requirements

Types of Access Control / Entry Systems

Fob / Swipe Card
Entry Systems


Entry Systems


Fob / Swipe Card Entry Systems – Works on doors, gates or barriers using proximity readers that unlock/ open them with just a swipe or a touch. They provide a higher level of security than conventional locks

Intercom Systems – An intercom system is a device that enables two-way communication. Intercom systems also allow users to grant access to visitors by opening a door or gate remotely

Keypad Entry Systems – A keypad door entry system is a keyless access control solution that allows users to unlock doors using PIN codes

Proximity Reader – A proximity reader allows for contactless smart card which can be read without inserting it into a reader device

Installation of a whole Access Control system that
allows our customer to
monitor who is coming in and
out of their site with the use of

A recent installation of a
video & audio with keypad intercom system